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Benchwarmer Productions

Single Parent Date Night


Featuring: Jen LevinChristopher Tillman

Director: Bryan Beasley

Producer: Jaime Roman

Single Parent Date Night is a comedic short film about two single parents attempting to reenter the dating pool for the first time. After going thru the dating process once already, surviving the break up of a failed relationship and the shifting priorities of parenthood, the two characters are beyond the typical first date chit chat and are ready to get honest about what they want and who they want it with. In the end they have to decide what's more important; a friendly ear or a successful date?

Paranormal Parenting

Featuring: Melanie Cruz, Christopher Tillman & Chas Mitchell

Director: Ian Van Der Werff

Producer: Jason M Lombardo

Writer: Christopher Tillman

After moving into a haunted house, a childless couple learn the strains that a little one can put on a relationship when a paranormal guest becomes the newest member of their small family.

That's my monster

Setting house rules can be tough, especially when rule number one has to be ‘Don’t eat me’. That’s My Monster was not filmed before a live studio audience.

The credits flying by at the end is meant as a joke, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the people who worked on this and feel they should be credited properly. So if you don’t have the vision of The Flash here is what you missed.

Featuring: Christopher Tillman, Kyle McGrath (Voice)

Puppeteers: Kyle McGrath & Keiko Agena

Written by: Kyle McGrath & Christopher Tillman

Director of Photography: A. Michael Genzink

Puppet created by: Cody Williams

The Distance Between

Featuring: Amber Stevens & Andrew J West

Director: Emily Ting

Writter: Christopher Tillman

Jen & Ian have been roommates for 1 year and 37 days. They've been secretly in love with each other for 1 year 36 days and 23 hours. Everyday they go through their morning routines while planning a 'spontaneous' encounter with each other. Today could be the day it finally works.

Misusing Irony

Featuring: Christopher Tillman, AJ Meijer, Paige Lindsey White, Eleanor van Hest, Caroline Pho, Estevan Vigil, Kyle McGrath, Eva Flamm, Aria Azar-Asis, Harry Chin

Director: John Lopez

Writer: Christopher Tillman

Producer: Teresa Huang